November of Thankfulness Day 13

Today I’m thankful for coupons! This is only my third shopping trip using them and I love them! It helps so much to save money. 🙂 Today I hit up both my local grocery stores, Kroger and Wal*Mart. This is what I got:

2 can carnation milk (Kroger)
1 carton cage-free eggs (Wal=Mart)
3 Reznuit Cone Air Freshners (Wal-Mart)
4 lb bag of bird seed (Wal-Mart)
3 California Kitchen Personal Pizzas (2 from kroger, one from WalMart)
3 jars Heinz Homestyle gravy (Kroger)
1 loaf of Marketside French bread (from the bakery) (WalMart)
1 thing of Reach floss (Walmart)
2 cans of Kroger Pears (Kroger)
1 can Hormel Chili Master with Beans (Kroger)
2 Dannon All Natural Yogurts (32 oz) (Kroger)
1 Great Value Buttermilk Pancake Mix (Walmart)
1 gallon vitamin D milk (Walmart)
1 jar World Table salsa (Walmart)
1 bottle Great Value Dish Detergent (Walmart)

I paid $23.18 between both stores ( 14.98 at Walmart and 8.20 at Kroger) annnd at Kroger I got a bunch of high dollar coupons back after checking out. Awesome!! I know it’s not the most fabulous coupon deal ever heard of but I’m still thankful for it. I saved over 50% at each store 🙂 Every penny counts!

Be Blessed,


9 thoughts on “November of Thankfulness Day 13

  1. Awesome!I need to start couponing more. The problem I run into is typically have to buy everything in multiples of 4 . . and a lot of coupons are good for just one or two of the items – – and 2 name brand w/coupon +2 w/o coupon is more expensive than 4 generic brand. It just requires way too much math for my shopping trip to feed 12! lolI started a grocery journal (the regular prices on items at various stores in the area) last year..I really need to get back to doing it to maximize my food budget.

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