November of Thanksgiving Day 5

Beauty. That’s what I’m thankful for today. I see so much beauty in the world daily, and at times I feel overwhelmed by it. The leaves in the fall, the green grass in the spring, a pretty fabric, soft music, a sunset, a child’s laugh … the amount of beauty I am around in one day never fails to amaze me. I always curiously attempt to imagine what heaven could be  like! How will it be that it’s beauty will surpass what we have here? Yes, God being there will make a big difference … but God is here and His beauty is all around us. I am so thankful He gave us a beautiful world to exist in … that He didn’t keep all the beauty from us until heaven. 

Be Blessed,


6 thoughts on “November of Thanksgiving Day 5

  1. it's very easy to take for granted the beauty that is around us. i love it when our eyes get reopened again and again to the awe and wonder of what He has created!

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