The Fruit of Her Hands: Chapt. 3&4

I have been participating in a book study at my friend Becky’s blog. The book we’re reading is the Fruit of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson. This book has been such a blessing to me! It’s a very small book, and easy to read but filled with a wealth of knowledge, advice and warnings for the mother and/or wife.

Chapters three and four are the only two chapters I’ve taken down notes on so far. I thought I’d share them here.

Chapter 3
The main thing that has stuck with me from this chapter was the amazingly simple New Testament reading plan the author puts forth. If you read five chapters from the New Testament each day you will thus read through the entire New Testament every two months! I was completely unaware of this, but have put it to practice since learning of it.

The quotes that stuck out most to me:

Where there is worry there is no trust. Trust in God is a protection from fear.

I do tend to be fearful, but I rarely see it as that. I see it more as a curious, impatient, anxious manner about myself. But those things can all equate fear and a non-trust in God. Another one on fear:

Fear drives out the gentle, quiet spirit that is so precious in God’s sight.

This is so true. I can relate this most to my impatience (which I firmly believe can be consider a type of fear because at it’s root is not trusting God, is it not?). I get anxious and restless and the last thing I am is gentle or quiet. The more I meditated on this the more I realized that I’m far from where I once was (about a year ago) in the gentle/quiet spirit department. It seems as things improved in my life and I found an earthly happiness again little by little I slipped away from trusting God and back into trusting Hollie … my feelings, my timeline. I need to repent of this and get back to only trusting my source of life: God. Almost a year ago when my boyfriend and I started courting he commented on my, “serene countenance.” Do you know what he has compared my behavior to lately (jokingly of course)? A lobbyist. That’s a pretty big difference. And, he was merely poking fun at me because I talk about marriage so much … but it is worth noting.

Chapter Four

These two quotes stuck out to me most:

If you are feeling good about your standing before God because of anything you’re doing, you aren’t looking to Him or trusting Him.

I just wanted to shout, “Amen!” when I read that. I don’t even really need to elaborate on it. It is simply true.

Christian women must learn that justification is not found in long dresses, long hair, gardening, vitamins, or herbal medicine. These are all “things indifferent.” But if you are looking to these things instead of Christ, seeing your acceptance before God because of these externals, or feeling superior to your Christian sisters who have different methods, then these things are no longer indifferent — they become wicked.

 This hit home for me. I was raised in a very legalistic church. So I could relate to this very, very much. It’s a true statement. We all need to be wary of becoming dogmatic with our methods, because Satan will use them for the destruction of others and even ourself.


5 thoughts on “The Fruit of Her Hands: Chapt. 3&4

  1. It sounds like there are some good things here. I like the feeling good about yourself quote – it's very true. I also like the second quote. I think there is much to be found in humble, quiet living, much Godliness, but I also think that these things are only things.I would love to have a gentle, quiet spirit. I pray for this often, but I am about as much opposite of this as I can be. I think I used to be this and in trying to combat being shy, I've turned the opposite – I hate this about me. I like that you shared this.

  2. I don't think you are as far opposite of a gentle and quiet spirit as possible. I think it's important to distinguish between having a gentle and quiet spirit and the "being seen and not heard" attitude, if that makes sense. You've should me on multiple occasions that you do indeed have a gentle and quiet spirit Lauren 🙂

  3. I love that Josh compared you to a lobbyist. :pThis study seems wonderful! I find myself very similar to you (gee…isn't that ironic) in my anxiousness and lack of patience. I think we all need help in this area.One thing I've noticed with myself is that I'm quiet and serene, but I'm also loud and vocal. It's such a weird combination.

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