Making Changes: Time With God

I’m so thankful for the encouraging comments I received in response to my post from yesterday (here and at my wordpress blog.). I’ve thought a lot about things for a few weeks. I’ve thought about the changes I want to make, and how I wish my life looked. I think one of my problems is I try to make a bunch of changes at once. This soon becomes overwhelming, and then the failures due to being so overwhelmed practically crush. So, recognizing that I have decided to focus on one change per month. I know where I want to be as a mother, but I am not there. I’m not even close.

What will the first change be? Time with God. I’m ashamed to say I neglect this far too much. I have good intentions, but they always get swept away in the day to day busyness. I plan to wake up early and spend time with God each morning. I usually don’t do this because I’m tired … and I’m tired because I stay up too late at night. I’d like to be in bed by ten so I can wake up at 5:30 or 6:00. I think I’ll start by aiming for 6:00. I really think spending time daily in the Word and with God will bring about a change in all areas of my life. They say it takes twenty-one days to develop a habit. If that is true, my habit should be solid by November 4th (if I follow through). Please pray that I will have self discipline for this. I need this change … my kids need it too!


5 thoughts on “Making Changes: Time With God

  1. I try to be in be by 10 too. Aaron is up between 6 and 7,so if I am not in bed that early then I am dog tired the next day. I would love to be in be by 9,but usually I am reading then. Once Aaron is in his room with Daniel and sleeping in I want to get up at 6 and do my studying and praying. You're right about making too many changes at once,I think I do the same and end up not following through.

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