Remembering the Reformers: Henry Forest

Today, I will write briefly about a Benedictine monk, Henry Forest. In 1529, only two years after Patrick Hamilton’s death, Mr. Forest began to make it known that he agreed with much of what Hamilton believed in regard to Scripture and theology. It didn’t take long for Archbishop James Beaton to catch wind of this, and of course, he was not pleased. Immediately, Beaton had Forest thrown into prison. The archbishop then conspired with a friar to acquire a confession from Mr. Forest. When the friar approached him in prison, Forest spoke openly during his confession as he was under the impression it would be kept confidential as the confessional practice was intended. Unfortunately, Henry Forest was deceived. The friar reported back to Archbishop Beaton just as he had been ordered. During his confession Henry affirmed that he thought Patrick Hamilton was a good man proclaiming the truth of Scripture. Regrettably, the archbishop used Henry’s confession to seal his fate. His crime was heresy and his sentence was death by fire.

However, there was a small kink in Archbishop Beaton’s plans. Henry Forest was recognized among the people as a Godly and good man, thus Beaton knew his execution would not be well received. Together with his servants it was decided Henry should be dealt with some somewhere hidden. The final plan of action was to suffocate Henry Forest with a pillow in a cellar, away from the public eye.



7 thoughts on “Remembering the Reformers: Henry Forest

  1. Is this in reference to your status message the other day about Christians in the early centuries being executed?

    I know you like history…do you know anything of Lady Jane Grey? She was Henry VIII neice, and when his son Edward died, Jane was made queen to keep the Catholics off the throne. She only reigned 9 days until Mary had her executed & turned England back to Popery. There’s also a movie based on this that Kortney & I LOVE.

    • I was just reading about her today. I wanted to write about her, but I didn’t think I’d have time today.

      No, this isn’t exactly in reference to that. I decided to do a blog series through out October paying homage to the martyred reformers then write something about Luther on Reformation Day 🙂 My status yesterday was just me commenting on all the theological “debates” I’ve been in lately … there’s nothing new under the sun.

      What’s the name of that movie?

  2. A cedar pillow? How comfortable can that be?! :p
    Yeah…I know…the point of this post wasn’t about the cedar pillow, but that’s what stood out!
    You know, minus the heathen Catholics abusing their vows… 😉

  3. Hollie,
    I see you’re a woman after my own heart! Isn’t church history just amazing? Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is such a precious gift that God has given to His Bride. You have shared an amazing account! Thank you!

    Blessings sister!

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