My Best Friends Are Books

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  ~Charles W. Eliot

I love books. I honestly, cannot imagine my life without them. I’m not someone who has a lot of friends. Even the friends I do have are so very different from myself that I still feel horribly lonely most days. To remedy this I often lose myself in books. My favorite thing to read it letters from the 1700-1800s. Normally, I can relate to people from those times so much better than people today. Reading their letters comforts me. I also love period books … nearly anything set in the past soothes my lonely soul. (Of course, I am counting all these after my favorite and most comforting book — the Bible.)

Lately, I’ve felt if most, if not all my relationships, are falling apart. I feel at a great distance from everyone in my life. As always, books are my kindred spirits. Perhaps this reliance upon books for unwavering friendship and comfort is simply another defect of my lack of social skills. Either way, I fully understand why Mr. Jefferson went into debt buying books and why he is known for saying, “I cannot live without books!” And, I am thankful to the good Lord above that books exist … my life would be empty and sad without them.

For friends… do but look upon good Books:  they are true friends, that will neither flatter nor dissemble.  ~Francis Bacon


9 thoughts on “My Best Friends Are Books

  1. I can understand this. They are a retreat where you don’t have to be you, you can be the characters. That is what I use to love about acting and why I wanted to teach it. When I was on stage I didn’t have to be me. Same thing with a book.

  2. I can very much relate. What I love about books is that they connect you…to the past, to people, and/or to ideas long since abandoned or forgotten. I am just discovering how much I enjoy the writings of the 1700s-1900s as well. I love how even the simplest of writings contained such piety and eloquence.

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