Pictures on Tuesday

Preparing school work.

Tinkerbell trying to attack bugs on the other side of the screen.

Took a trip to my Grandma's old house this weekend. Got a few goodies. Like this basket of crafty stuff.

My new-to me TV stand that was given to me. Love it!

Living room.

I rearranged the girls' room this weekend and took their bunkbeds apart.

Rylee's bed

Emma's Bed

My mom snapped this of me. No idea why.

I also organized the bathroom this weekend.

Bathroom closet all organized.

More goodies from Grandma's - tiny screwdrivers.

More goodies! Great for crafting 🙂

More goodies!

Tink in one of my goodies.

More goodies!

The bread dough I made ... it's not cooked here lol.


3 thoughts on “Pictures on Tuesday

  1. i love the pictures.
    but i have something to say about some of them. 😛
    craft ones: uh…what are YOU going to do with thread and yarn?? you makin me something?!
    love the girls room. except…that plug that’s in such a weird spot above emma’s bed?? like…why would anyone put a plug that high to begin with??
    that’s all. 😉

    • I got a sewing machine from my Grandma’s too … I just haven’t set it up yet. Emma wants to make scarves for people for Christmas so the yarn is more for that. Plus, ya know kids love that stuff! They will cut it up and glue it on paper and stuff … so it’ll get used for sure.

      The plug — no idea. Almost all the plugs in the house are like that. It was built in the 50s so maybe that’s why? That’s why I made that bed Emma’s because I didn’t want Rylee sleeping by an electrical outlet lol.

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