I am against circumcision. I don’t see the point in subjecting a child, or anyone for that matter, to useless painful surgery. I wonder if parents that choose this route know what they are putting their precious sons through? Here is a link I think every parent, or soon to be parent, should view before choosing this elective procedure.  I will warn you, the link is graphic.

Circumcision Link

Another interesting tid-bit:

Circumcision-related deaths account for one out of every seventy-seven male neonatal deaths. Scary stuff.  Read the article here. I’m so thankful for the blogs of like-minded mothers that are bringing this things to the attention of others.


6 thoughts on “Circumcision

  1. I didn’t read the link…because honestly, it doesn’t pertain to me…nor will it! So I’ll take your word on this.

    I’ve never had a stance one way or another about circumcision. I’m not “experienced” to know whether relations with a man with or without foreskin is better. I don’t know many males who aren’t circumcised.

    1 out of 77??? That’s awfully high though…

  2. As a son who was circumcised at birth, I really wish my parents had not let them cut my sex organ. I feel like my body has been violated for no reason. I was born whole and healthy. But, my parents let the doctors remove a healthy part of my body with an unnecessary surgery. I would have prefered to be left intact.

    My body, my choice.

  3. Glad you feel this way!! 🙂 Our boys are both intact and I am glad we did not cut on them. My thoughts are: They came here like that and God wanted them that way. The Jewish ceremony that circumcision is involved in,is way different than how we do it here. I think it’s mutilation.

  4. We really struggled with that…we didn’t find out what we were having. Circumcision has been routine in both our families and seems common in our area, but I couldn’t think of a really good reason to do it other than “fitting in” etc. At first I thought, of course we’ll do it, and then I thought and read more about it. All I kept thinking was, they come into this world that way so I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be – why would I hurt him to remove a perfectly healthy part of him? Plus it’s not nearly as common as it used to be so I think it’s less likely to feel “weird” for being different. I came up with a lot of reasons not to do it and not many to do it. We compromised that if it were a boy, it would only be done under a few very precise conditions – certain types of anesthetic, and one method. Honestly I don’t think we probably could have found that condition, so I was okay with that compromise. 😉 Those who have been circumcised can be very sensitive to the issue of not doing it. I was relieved we didn’t have to deal with it at all after *she* was born!

    I don’t think a lot of parents are purposefully putting their children through pain – a lot of them know it’s routine in their families, the doctors may do it routinely, and it may just seem like what you’re supposed to do. Unless you go looking for information on it, it’s still very standard in some areas and there are still lots of misconceptions about cleanliness and diseases – many parents probably think they are doing their sons a favor. Which is completely their choice – I just wish everyone were making an informed decision prior to whatever they end up doing.

  5. This is something I go back and forth on (well not really but my husband and I don’t have the same point of view). I grew up with all the males in my family being circumcised because it’s a part of the faith I grew up in. All my brothers are circumcised.

    However now, as an adult, I can’t think of doing that to my son in good conscious. It was a covenant made by Abraham with God, but it doesn’t apply anymore. So why do it? I think if I hadn’t changed faiths it would be different, but even if I were to consider it, I doubt it would be done in the hospital.

    My husband worries that our sons will seem different if my family were to ever change their diapers (I mostly laughed at the thought of either my Dad or Stepmother doing anything like that at all). It’s funny to me because my husband isn’t (I’m sure he’ll appreciate me sharing that) but he can’t come up with a good reason why we should. My thoughts are it’s not going to happen. If it isn’t biblical anymore than I’m not doing it. I don’t see the point. It’s a waste of money, and painful to my baby who can make that choice once he’s an adult.

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