Allllll Byyy Myyyseeeeelf (I'm singing)

My title could probably not be more dramatic. 😉

Josh is coming tomorrow! I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself (actually I can’t stand myself 😉 ) Please pray for safe travel for him. He’s driving about 7-7.5 hours to get here.

This will be our last time seeing each other for some while. On Monday Josh starts back to seminary and that will take up nearly all his time and devotion. So, starting Monday pray for me! I tend to be a clingy, needy (read: annoying) girlfriend. Over the summer I’ve grown accustomed to two hour nightly phone calls and almost monthly visits. This will all come screeching to a halt Monday. Josh has to focus on his classes. He’s taking Greek which may prove to be challenging. So, our relationship is being moved to back burner until probably Christmas.

I will see him again in October. His friend is getting married that month and I’m driving out to attend with Josh.  And he will call me when he has a chance but who knows when/how often that will be. I know I sound like a baby, I am one. Josh isn’t just my boyfriend, he’s my best friend. I will miss him terribly come Monday. But the sooner his schooling is over the sooner we can move on with our life together (I hope. Lord willing.).


6 thoughts on “Allllll Byyy Myyyseeeeelf (I'm singing)

  1. oooh but guess what?? that means that your OTHER best friend can talk to you more! you know…those two hour phone conversations…well WE can have them! (although since we talk all day long, i’m not quite sure what we would talk about on the phone for two hours!) :p

  2. I forgot I had a wordpress. I had actually started it as primarily a theology blog (in my extreme anti-calvinist days) so I’m gonna write here, too.

    You blog hop too much! I followed you to LJ, then Blogspot, and now here!

  3. thank you for that beautiful comment you left on my blog.
    I came home and spent literally hours just reading over all of the comments, in tears, overwhelmed at the incredible compassion and love from people I’ve never met before.

    I hope your days aer as beautiful as you’ve helped mine become.


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