Thankful Thursday: Friends

What am I thankful for? SO MUCH! I have a very blessed life. But, this week I’m thankful for friends. This summer God has blessed me by opening my eyes to what a real friend looks like and I’ve been so fortunate to realize I have a handful of true friends in my life :o)
Today I received a birthday package in the mail from one of my best friends, Tina. She made me an adorable hand made card and a CD of songs. She also enclosed a letter explaining the meaning/thoughts behind each song selected for my CD. It was so sweet and thoughtful. Her gift really touched my heart and I feel so lucky to have her friendship. We have many differences, but our friendship runs deeper than that and that’s a true blessing!

 That’s me and Tina at the March For Life earlier this year. We haven’t seen each other since then :o( Hopefully we can some how hang out again soon!


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Friends

  1. you're going to make me cry!! this is too sweet. i am so very thankful for you too! how very blessed to have found my "twin"!! :)and thank you for YOUR wonderful package in the mail too!! and what better way to open a package than to actually talk to you while opening it!! it was great!i love you my friend!!

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