Continuing with my visit with Josh.

Saturday, we left the house again around nine-ish and headed out to Monticello, home of my favorite president, Mr. Thomas Jefferson. I am a huge Jefferson fan, much to Josh’s chagrin. 😉 So, he wanted to take me there because he knew how much I’d love it.

So we set out. On our way we stopped at the farmers’ market in Nokesville. It was nice. We ran into a woman handing out Weston A. Price Foundation tracks. I talked with her for a bit and it was so nice to be around a like minded person. She was telling us about some ordinances in Prince William County that make it illegal to have any kind of farm animals on any amount of residential land. INSANITY! Not only does this out-law things like back yard chickens, milking goats, etc. It also outlaws a farmer from actually living on HIS OWN farm. His farm and his residence would have to be separate things. I encouraged Josh to get involved in the meetings and such about this and he said he wants to. I really pray they are able to over-turn that ordinance.

After that we drove on down to Monticello. It was a pretty decent drive, about two hours I think. We kept the radio off and talked the whole time. It was so nice. We also tease and joke with each other which makes it fun. On our way we stopped for lunch at Sheetz- another place I had never ate at. We had their made-to-order subs, which were pretty good.

Finally we arrived at Monticello. It is so pretty! Mr. Jefferson was one lucky guy to wake up to such beautiful views each morning. We bought our tickets for the tour of his home and set off. First we stopped in the gift shop. Much to my dismay, a lot of things were made in China. I don’t understand how at a place such as the home of one of our founders they can get away with that type of thing. They had tons of amazing books. I could have easily spent a small fortune in there. They had the complete collection of Jefferson’s papers. I wanted it so bad. Well, I still want it. The issue is it’s $110.00 a book 😮 And there’s like thirty books or more. As far as I can tell, the price is up (at least somewhat) because most of them are now out of print 😦 Josh bought a real french coin from the 1700’s. I thought that was so cool. They only had three there. He collects coins, so it was a nice addition to his collection.

Next, we visited his grave site. I found it really interesting that they are still burying people in the cemetery! You have to be a direct descendant though. Anyway, after that we stopped an rested on a bench for a while. We had plenty of time to kill, it was three and our tour didn’t start until four thirty. While sitting we started discussing my paleolibertarian views verses his paleoconservative views. These are always fun conversations. We poke fun at each other with our differing views, but it’s also fun to think critically about things, take situations to their logical extensions, etc. He’s the only person aside from myself that I know would enjoy this type of thing, so it works out! ;D

Finally we headed up to the house. We still had some time to kill so looked around in the gift shop. Josh tried a bottle of Monticello root beer, made with natural ingredients. I tried a sip and it was pretty good! The tour of the house was nice. We got to see the first floor. He had quite a few cool inventions. He wrote over 20,000 letters in his life time! Our tour guide did a pretty good job. The worse part was it was so rushed. After the tour we walked through the self-guided basement tour and checked out the slave quarters. Then we walked through the flower gardens before walking back down to the car.

Oh, I almost forgot. At one point there was a statue of Jefferson, of course I got my picture taken with him. Josh got his picture too, but he wanted to be funny about it. He got out his Bible and pretended to be witnessing to Jefferson. Haha. Crazy guy!



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