Sky Meadows

As to be expected, my trip with Josh was wonderful. I arrived Thursday evening (around 4-5pm) and got settled in to the house. I chatted with his folks for a bit before he treated me to Dixie Bones for dinner. They have the most amazing food on planet earth, I have no doubt. If you are EVER in Northern Virginia you MUST eat there. Of course, I loved being able to eat with him IN PERSON. I never take that stuff for granted because it’s so rare for us. So, the conversation flowed and it was pure contentment.

After dinner he drove me over to show me the awesomeness of Wegmans. I loved this grocery store. It was an organic, crunchy, whole foods person’s dream! I kept telling Josh he’s so spoiled with all he had in Virginia 😛

After Wegmans we went back to his parents and visited with them some more before they headed to bed. Then we sat on the couch and watched some TV. We watched Wretched which might be my new favorite TV show. I think Todd Friel is just hilarious and the show is quite informative. It’s amazing what’s going on in the “churches” out there today. (Example: Dog receives communion 8|) So yeah, I really enjoyed the show. I’m going to look into finding it on Hulu. Here’s a clip from the show:

The next morning we were out the house by nine-ish on our way to Sky Meadows to do some hiking. That place is gorgeous. There weren’t many people there either, which was nice. They have tons of trails, so we just walked around enjoying creation and conversing much of the day. It was so nice. At about two we headed back to our car and drove into a nearby town for lunch. We had a yummy pizza and sweet teas from a local Italian place. The weather was gorgeous so we had our lunch on their front porch.

After eating we headed back to Sky Meadows and hiked until around seven or eight. We both had out camelbaks with us all day. Mine carries two litres of water and Josh’s carries three. Well I drank nearly all of mine before we even left for lunch! Then, once I finished mine off I started to drink his. I needed so much water! It was a little crazy. I got a little whiny at the end because my legs felt like jelly and EVERYTHING was up hill. But Josh encouraged me to keep at it and we finally made it to the top. It was so beautiful — totally worth it. They had a bench under a tree at the top and we sat there and did our devotionals.

Finally we headed back down. On the way home we stopped at Chik-Fil-A. I had never been there before — it was pretty tasty 🙂 We finally made it home and talked with his parents for a bit before they went to bed. Again we watched some Wretched and this other show on Discovery about a husband a wife that get themselves stranded in the wild (much like Man vs. Wild). While watching we both had a cider and just relaxed. It was really nice.

Here’s some pictures from our Sky Meadows trip:



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