Girls -update

Emma’s post-op appointment was Monday. Dr. D said the right ear has healed wonderfully — that was the ear he did the exploratory on. He also said the tube in the left ear is already trying to come out. According to him that’s fine though because he was hesitant to put it in and after the fact slightly wished he hadn’t because she had no sign of infection at that time. We also discussed the hearing aide option. Because Emma still has severe to moderate hearing loss in her right ear he broached the idea of a hearing aide. I decided to hold off on that at this time. I doubt she would wear it and we really cannot afford it. We’ll just deal with talking loud to her and repeating ourselves for the time being. He said that it shouldn’t be as big a deal since she’s home-schooled. It was slightly amusing when he said that because I’ve never once told him that we are home-schoolers. I think he assumed as much based on what he knows about my political beliefs (which he did get a taste of when I refused government aide deeming it unconstitutional — I wanted to make sure he understood I wasn’t refusing due to pride lol), and I think he may have assumed we are religious because I’ve worn skirts almost every time I’ve seen him as have the girls. Haha.That’s the only thing I can figure anyway. Who knows. It made me chuckle to myself a little though. Anyway, we are scheduled to go back for a repeat hearing test in March.

I’m starting to get ever-so-slightly worried about Rylee. Mostly because of comments from others, but I’m curious to if she may have some kind of developmental delay. She seems fine in most ways, to me anyway. The problem is she can’t differentiate at all between truth and lies, reality and fiction, etc. She also can’t remember anything. I can tell her something and literally seconds later she can’t remember it. This is why she can only count to five. She has no sense of time at all, to her everything happened last night … even if it happened weeks ago. I know she’s only three and a half (four in December), so she may be developing normally. It’s really hard for me to know. I can only compare her to Emma because I don’t know that many other three year olds or how they are developing really. Emma was reading (very little, but still), knew her numbers to ten at least if not higher, and knew her ABCs. Emma also had a great memory, and had somewhat of an understanding about reality and fiction. All this being said I don’t really feel like I should take Rylee to be checked out. Even if she was delayed I can’t imagine I would seek any sort of “treatment.” Because of her lack of understanding in some areas, I think, Rylee is such a free spirit. In her mind nearly anything is possible. She’s hilarious and crazy and can be so loving. So, really I don’t think anything is wrong with her … she’s just how God made her. But she may be behind other children her age. Maybe. When I look up stuff online about development she’s meeting most of the “requirements” mentioned. Of course none of the ones I see really have much to do with the issues stated above. On the other side of that, Rylee hasn’t been “schooled” as much as Emma was a child. People were always doing reading, letters, flashcards, etc. with Emma at a young age. Rylee hasn’t had as much of that kind of thing. Perhaps this is only second-child syndrome 😛 But again, it is harder to do anything like that with Rylee because you never make any progress as she forgets one flashcard/letter/number/etc the minute the next one enters the conversation (or so it seems).


5 thoughts on “Girls -update

  1. I'll keep the girls in prayer. I'm sure Ry is just fine…and you're being overly paranoid…because it's not like it would be the first time THAT ever happened!! 😉

  2. That's wonderful that Emma's ear is healing well. I'll continue to pray for her hearing. Every child develops differently. Some people just don't realize that. I know my friends youngest son has developed differently speech wise compared to his older brother. I'm sure Rylee is just fine.

  3. Just dropped by. Rylee sounds like my oldest. I think she's just a right brainer. My girl has very little logic but an over abundance of imagination. I think school might be hard for her (as it was for me), but life love and creating will be a breeze.

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