Weekend With Josh

On the 4th Josh and I hosted our first ever cook out at my house. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of Saturday preparing for Sunday … I think? Gosh. I can hardly remember now. It’s all a bit fuzzy; that’s why I should write these things down after they happen. Ok, actually I spent most of Saturday getting ready (it’s all coming back to me now) Josh had car issues he was dealing with. His brakes started grinding on his drive here, I assume driving through all the windy mountain roads exacerbated a brake problem that was there but not noticeable at all before that. So on Saturday afternoon we took his car to my parents where he and my father changed his brakes. While they were doing that I ran errands with my mom getting things I needed for Sunday. We finally got back around 5:00 PM and they were done with the car by then. We left to go back home shortly after that. I think I started some stuff for Sunday, but I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure we ended the night by watching more John Adams together πŸ™‚

Sunday we started out the day by going to church. Emma was still at her dad’s so it was just Josh, myself, and Rylee. We were running a bit late, but managed to get there in time. The church service was awful. Because it was July 4th, I wasn’t expecting much but wow. There was a puppet show that was full of inaccurate history and was actually referred to as a ministry! And there wasn’t a real sermon, a lot of military worship and lamenting that our country is the way it is because of those bad democrats. I’m not sure that anything biblical actually happened. The hymns we sang were all “patriotic” songs but one, and they also made every say the pledge (which I didn’t actually do but that’s a story for another time). So, after that … we are officially church hunting again. I wonder if we will ever find a church practicing as it is laid out in the Bible for a church to practice?

We came home and listened to Renewing Your Mind over lunch and listened to some of a sermon from Josh’s church … but it was really hard to hear so we didn’t finish it. After lunch we got busy preparing things for the cook out. Josh was a big help πŸ™‚ He fried bacon for me and chopped veggies. It was so nice working with him to prepare for such an event! Felt very family-ish.

The cook out went well. My parents came, my former in-laws came, Emma’s friend Emily came over, and Tara and Dustin came out. Good times. They let off the town fireworks at the fairgrounds which literally backs up to my yard. So, we had an awesome view! They were so pretty. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. I think it was quite successful! The girls went home with my former in-laws and Josh and I closed the night by watching more John Adams (we still have one more disc left in the series).

The next day was the dreaded day of his departure. It was horrible. I hate to say goodbye to him. Each time I have to it is harder than before. But we managed, and he headed home. Thankfully, he made it home safely and not terribly late. Praise God for that πŸ™‚

I’m hoping to go see him at the end of the month.


4 thoughts on “Weekend With Josh

  1. Heather- I suppose not everyone minds them. The bottom line for me is I go to church to hear the Gospel preached. That's is what the church is supposed to do. Ranting about democrats (or any other political party) is no where in the Biblical design for the church. I don't mind if people want to do that in fellowship, but it has no place coming from the pulpit. If the church can't do what it is designed to do, what hope does our country have?

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