Emma's Surgery

This past weekend Josh came to visit again. The girls and myself just love having him here. It’s so nice to feel like a complete family, even if it is only for a few days. He came up Thursday night. We ordered pizza and started our John Adams marathon in honor of Independence Day. We are both big fans of the series. It was a nice, laid back evening. It’s just so nice to be able to hug him and look at him when I talk to him!

The next day was Emma’s ear surgery. She was having tubes put in with a chance of the bone needing operated on in her right ear. Her surgery was scheduled for 2:10 PM on Friday, and of course she couldn’t eat anything after midnight Thursday. She was allowed to have apple juice until 10:45 AM on Friday. We got to Children’s and signed in and they took us back to a room to wait in until surgery time. During the waiting time we saw the ENT, the anesthesiologist, the CNP, and a few nurses. The anesthesiologist gave her one of the mask they use to put kids to sleep so she could be familiar with it. Emma choose the bubble gum smelling gas, so they put some of that flavoring on the mask they gave her to keep as well. She was pretty charged up about that. In between seeing the CNP and the anesthesiologist she was able to go to the “Ocean Room” where she picked out a little toy to keep. We spent most of the day reading Pocketful of Pinecones. Emma just loved that book. They only allowed two people in the room with Emma so Josh and my mother swapped out all day long.

Even though surgery was scheduled at 2:10 Emma didn’t go back until close to 4:00 pm. Josh and I walked her down the long hallway to the OR. We were only allowed to go so far. We gave her hugs and kisses and reassured her and then they wheeled her away. She looked so scared. It was so hard to let them just take her away like that.

About an hour into surgery Dr. D came and found us. Turns out the stapes bone did need replaced. The problem is that this can be risky in children. There’s a chance that if the child ever gets another ear infection after having the bone replaced that she could suffer nerve damage as a result. So we opted against having that surgery. She had a tube placed in her left ear. When she’s in her teens we will go forth with having the bone replaced, but as this time it was just too risky for my liking.

After surgery she was a champ. She was sleepy but such a trooper. She only threw up once. She slept the whole ride home from the hospital (which is at least an hour drive if not more). My parents had a bonfire that night so we brought a patio couch down by the fire and she and Rylee snuggled up on it together for a while. It wasn’t long before Emma was back to herself playing, eating, and laughing.

I know it was a minor surgery but we are so thankful to God that she came through it safely 🙂 Those are the only pictures I have from that day, they are from my mom’s phone. My camera had dead batteries and I forgot my phone in the car!


5 thoughts on “Emma's Surgery

  1. I'm so glad she did so well! She's such a cutie. I'm glad the anesthesia didn't make her too sick. Some kids throw up a lot after their surgeries :P. RYC: I agree. That is the problem Franklin has in his field too. I did find an entry level position this morning. Also thanks, I just changed it a couple of days ago.

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