Today, I heard once again the mind set that, in my opinion, has a lot to do with the problems in our country. During a conversation about food (shocking I would be discussing that, eh? *wink*) someone made the statement that if someone avoided eating things just because they have things in them that sound bad that person would starve. This is so not true! But, it is such a common way of thinking! Everytime I hear this I can’t help but think the big companies like McDonalds, Monsanto, etc. have succeeded in brainwashing our country. The information on food and healthy choices and what unhealthy choices do to your body is available for anyone. Why do people not care? And by unhealthy, I basically mean non-food that is being marketed as food (i.e. anything that has additives and such in it). At my house we strive to live by the rule, “If it wasn’t food 100 years ago, it’s not food today.” Sure, we aren’t doing perfectly … but we are making a big effort. And eating actual food makes such a difference in our lives, and especially in my kiddos. We feel better, slowly but surely my energy levels are increasing and our taste buds are changing to appreciate real food!

Anyway, over the weekend I watched a wonderful documentary The Beautiful Truth. It’s about the link between food and disease, specifically cancer. I thought it was wonderful, and highly recommend it. You can watch it instantly on Netflix, like I did 🙂

Today after work we made some lemonade. The girls loved juicing the lemons! It was quite fun. We plan to make orange juice the same way soon.

It looks a little brownish because the sugar we use is tan granules. It was soooo delicious though!


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  1. how many lemons did you use?i wanna make real lemonade!! i think that would be cool!have you ever tried simply lemonade? i've checked the ingredients and they are all natural.i love it.

  2. I love that you feed your family real food and that you are proud of that. I've found that some people look down on people who live more simply and naturally. Well let 'em think what they wanna, it's to be commended that you care so much. Living simply and naturally is not only good for our bodies, but also our wallets. I think its all part of taking care of what God has given us.Your girls are so cute making their lemonade. I'd love to do that sometime. I'm not sure if you've ever used Stevia before, but I'm growing some now. It's a wonderful natural sweetener and has absolutely no calories or gylcemic effects either. I'll let you know how it grows and puts up. I think it's something you could grow too.BTW, I'm so behind on blog reading…I've got to take some time to come and read more of your posts. Please forgive me for being behind.Also to answer your question about my little dresses…I'll be making them in a variety of sizes. I have a couple of king size ones that would fit up to a girls size 12 or 14 as a dress. If you were wanting a specific size I can see what I have to make you one. Just let me know.

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