30 Day Journal Challenge Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the above challenge. As I mentioned before, Emma and I are doing this challenge together. It was really fun to do with her. We sat on the living room floor with a basket of stickers, glue, pens, colored pencils, glitter and more on the coffee table and just doodled. Emma couldn’t wait to start the second prompt today and asked if she could work on it while the sitter is there today. I love watching her create! I can’t wait to see what her second page looks like when I get home.

Journal Prompt Number 1: Create a full page design introducing yourself 🙂
Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.

That was our prompt yesterday and these are our pages:

That’s Emma’s page.
and that’s mine. Sorry the pictures aren’t great … they’re from my phone.
Speaking of which, I got my phone yesterday! I was so excited that it came so fast. So I’m back in the texting world again. I have to admit my four month break from it was nice, but texting does come in handy sometimes. 
Have a great Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Journal Challenge Day 1

  1. What a fun mother/daughter activity. This makes me so excited for my future with Abby. 🙂 Love your pages!I'm glad you got texting back! I can think of about 37434385 times I wanted to text you recently but remembered that you didn't get texts anymore. lol!

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