Josh meets the parents

Saturday was the day Josh finally met my parents. We had a late morning again because neither of us are morning people. Around 2:00 we headed to my parents’ home. Josh seemed to really like my childhood home and its location; it is pretty out there. He met my parents and presented them with some Virginian wine he had brought for them. 🙂 After that I gave Josh a tour of their house. After that my father decided to show Josh one of his collections and they bonded over that … both are collectors *smile* I was really happy that Josh and my father hit it off, that’s really important to me. My mom liked Josh as well, which is important too.

Anyway , we finally left the house and headed to Dawes Arboretum. Of course, it was raining so we just drove through. When we approached the lookout tower the rained slowed to a sprinkle so we climbed up.

 Us atop the look out tower.

After that we finished the tour and headed to a local restaurant in Somerset for dinner. This place is called The Clay Haus and I loved it. The building, the atmosphere, the people and the food were fantastic! I would love to go again. My parents go there somewhat regularly but this was my maiden visit (despite living in the area my entire life).

The Clay Haus (yanked from their website which is linked above)

We finished the evening by heading back to my parents’. Josh and my Dad opened the afore mentioned wine and everyone aside from Rylee and myself played some pool. Good times all around.

 Josh shooing pool at my parents’

We left around eleven. We might have stayed longer, but we had church the next morning … which I will write about soon. Hopefully by tomorrow. I know I said I’d have the whole visit posted by Sunday, but clearly that did not happen. Such is life! I hope you all have a blessed week 🙂


5 thoughts on “Josh meets the parents

  1. I am so happy you two found each other 🙂 I love reading this stuff and seeing how happy you both are! :)Also, really lovin' the new layout!

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