Classes and Newness

I promise I will write about the rest of Josh’s visit by the end of this weekend. Promise!! Really! Right now I wanted to tell you about the fun-ness coming up for me!

First Emma (my seven year old) and I are going to do the thirty day challenge. Emma is always wanting to do projects together and we rarely have time to, so this will be great. And Emma is a big fan of journaling so I think it will be fabulous and a good bonding experience for us!

Next, in hopes of learning how to cook healthy meals for my current little family I am taking A Peasant’s Feast: Nourishing Food on a Budget which is a thirteen week online cooking class. Exciting!

Emma’s ear surgery is scheduled for July 2nd. She’s either getting tubes, or they may have to operate on the bone … the doctor won’t know for sure until he cuts her eardrum open (doesn’t that just sound painful?!). So much prayers regarding that. I will just be thankful when she can hear out of her right ear again. She’s very nervous though, which is understandable. I hate the idea of putting her under, even if it is a very routine procedure.

July 2nd, is also the day that Josh is hoping to come up again. Emma was upset at first because she thought Josh coming the same day as her surgery meant she wouldn’t get to see him. Aww, cute! I of course assured her that wasn’t the case at all.

Oh, and we have two adorable little kittens now. Emma’s grandmother needed someone to adopt them so of course we did. They are named Ossie and Tinkerbell … lovely names, no? 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


4 thoughts on “Classes and Newness

  1. Wow, you and Josh aren't letting much time go by between visits this time, huh? 🙂 That's sweet about Emma worrying about missing him. I do hope her surgery goes well.That cooking class sounds great. I wasn't taught to cook while growing up, so I need all the help I can get. lol. I'm going to take a look!

  2. Somehow I missed this post in my reader… oops.Anyway, I'm glad Josh will be visiting soon. How cute Emma was worried she wouldn't see him!I'll be saying many prayers for Miss Emma regarding her surgery 🙂

  3. The journalism sounds like a great idea! Also I know this may not make you feel wonderful but BMT's (tubes) are pretty routine and she will probably have very little pain post-op. I will be praying for her though :).

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