Trip To Old Man's Cave

This past weekend Josh came up to visit. It was his first visit here with us. It went really well. The girls took to him so wonderfully and they hated to see him go. He stayed with us while he was here because lodging was pretty expensive. (Of course, we stayed in separate rooms.) I loved having him stay with us. It was like a glimpse into our future as a family. We made breakfast together, did our devotionals together and just lounged around together. Together. Together. Together. 🙂 It was blissful!

On Friday we went hiking at Old Man’s Cave with the girls. During that trip Josh helped me manage the girls, just as a father would.

It was a really wonderful time! We were there for about three hours. The hike turned out to be much more than I originally thought it would be. Right before we went home we let the girls wade around in the pond in the above photo. They LOVED that. Once we got back into town we treated everyone to ice cream. A great day indeed.

You can see the full album of photos on Facebook here : Facebook June Album  If we aren’t friends feel free to add me, I love making new friends 🙂



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