These are things I want for my kitchen/home. I’m working on obtaining most of these over time.

-cast iron pots, pans, muffin pan, etc.
-or stainless steel pots/pans, etc.
-stick blender
-toaster oven
bread maker (I think I’m getting a free one from free cycle! Yay!)
-blender (I’m currently using a tiny food processor for all my blending)
-glass storage containers
-stainless steel storage containers
-glass dishes (working on this one! I have almost all glass drinking glasses now)
-steamer dish
-timer that actually works



4 thoughts on “

  1. your blog is pretty!! i want a bunch of these things too:cast iron stuffteapot (i have a kettle but i want a pot too)toaster ovenblenderglass dishes

  2. go with the cast iron for sure over the stainless! I looked longingly at my cast iron skillet that is stored at my parents this past week and left it there cause I'm pretty sure my kids would do something crazy like put it in the dishwasher or scrub it down with soap. So – it'll stay packed away until I have more control over my kitchen!

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