New House

We have been so busy lately. At the beginning of May we moved. We were living in a smallish townhouse in an apartment complex. Toward the end of April I started looking for a home closer to where I work (the 35-40 minute commute one way was no fun).

Well we were blessed to stumble across a two bedroom home within our rent range. The house has a full basement, attached garage, dining room, fron porch, back patio and fenced back yard. We love it. My land lady also gave us the go ahead to redo anything in the house we wanted (and it did need a good bit of work). So we have been busy!

This is when we first signed the contract. This is the front of the house.

And this is it straightened up some.

Living room before.


Kitchen before (not a great photo sorry!)


Carpet we tore out. My former father in law was kind enough to install new hard wood floors in the bathroom and hallway, and clean up the original ones we found under the carpet in the bedrooms. Pictures of that soon! And of the bathroom redo! šŸ™‚

Patio corner clean up

We were also allowed to add a puppy to our family. The girls were so excited! Rylee and I went a bought Shiloh while Emma was at school. Emma was so happy to get that surprise! (Emma is my avid animal lover. She’s constantly reading about animals, knows all kinds of strange animal facts, and wants to be a vet someday).

Here’s Shiloh:



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