No 'Poo Photos

So, what feels like forever ago, Korey asked to see photos of my hair. I took these when I was about on day ten of the no ‘poo phase. I’ve been moving and inbetween houses and things have just been crazy! So I have been using shampoo because it was more conveinent when I was staying at my parents. I’ll probably start the no ‘poo thing again now that we are all moved in.

Anyway … here are the photos:



5 thoughts on “No 'Poo Photos

  1. It looks so nice and shiny! Thanks for taking time to take the pics. I might have to try it out (although I just bought some new shampoo so it might be awhile, lol).

  2. Adrian – It really didn't smell like much of anything. Sometimes right after washing it would have a slight vinegar smell but that's all and it went away by the time my hair dried.

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