Good morning! Today is Earth Day. I’ve been wanting to post for sometime about my thoughts on being “green,” sustainable living, etc. and Earth Day is the perfect day to do it! Since I have begun to alter my life to live more self sufficiently, and more “green” I have endured some teasing and eye rolls. I’ve even been called eccentric, a yuppie, and straight up crazy.

To me, living in a way that is natural and environmentally friendly is NOT a trendy, upper-class thing to do. It is also NOT a political statement. When I start talking about sustainable living some of my politically conservative friends become worried that I’m going to turn into a raging liberal demanding the government require people to live green. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My living style has little to do with my belief in the constitution, so the two are quite unrelated.

I think living in an environmentally friendly way is Biblical mandate. God gave us the Earth. How often when someone gifts you something do you trash it right before their very eyes? Yet that’s what tons of people, even Christians, do every day without a second thought. God designed this very planet just for us to inhabit, and sure we won’t be here forever but why not take care of it while we are here? I am thankful that He gave me such a beautiful place to live. The past weeks I have been watching the trees and flowers bloom and I often find myself with this thought: “If it is this beautiful here, I cannot even begin to imagine how gorgeous heaven will be.”

I also want my children to have a beautiful place to live. I know a lot of Christians will interject here: “Well Jesus is returning soon, so we don’t have to worry about that.” with a chuckle. Statements like that make me sad. My Dad was born in the 50s and people were saying the same thing then. My Grandfather was born in the 20s and guess what? People were saying the same thing then. The Bible tells us no one knows when Christ’s return will be. Have we been given signs? Yes. But for years people have always said those signs were being met. I do think we should spiritually prepared for His return, and I do believe our focus should be on the eternal kingdom. However, I do not think Jesus coming back eventually is any reason to disregard our present responsibilities here. Adults should want future generations to have a planet to live on and clean air to breathe. I know I want that for my daughters, and I hope to instill into them a deep respect of Creation and a gratitude toward our Heavenly Creator for blessing us with it.


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  1. I like this entry! It makes me sad to when people say things like "Why should I care? I won't be around to see it!" It also makes me sad when taking care of the earth has to be a political statement! Doing things that benefit ourselves and other people doesn't have to be based on voting patterns 🙂

  2. haha. the world is coming to an end soon anyway…so who cares. :pkidding.well kinda. i still think Jesus is coming soon. but i don't know the hour or the time. that's just what i'm feeling. i could be wrong. i've been wrong before. but i'm not trashing the earth or anything. i'm just not as extreme as you are. i still love you though! 🙂

  3. Hi. Just stopping by from your comment on the KOTH real food event. I will be partnering with you in spirit! I read a few of your posts and agree with a lot of what you were saying. Excellent writing too by the way! Be blessed with homeschooling those little girls of yours. It is so rewarding. Peace out sister!

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