I am prone to having bad dreams and bizaree dreams, but mostly just bad ones. The majority of my dreams, since my childhood, have been bad. However, last night I was blessed with a wonderful, warm dream that had me wishing to stay in dreamland instead of entering reality at the blare of my alarm.

In the dream, I was married, to Josh of course, and we were at his church. It seemed that it was a Sunday, right after the sermon. We were in the fellowship hall, or whatever it’s called where they have a carry-in after church every Sunday. Well, I was in the fellowship hall anyway. I  was wearing a little boy that looked to be about six months or so. During the dream I was trying to get the children around me settle into their seats, bibs on and ready to eat. There were three little ones (all under three at least) around the table, climbing around, “talking” with anyone from the church that walked by, etc. Rylee was with me at the table helping managing these little ones. She was older, and beautiful, and so kind and loving. She wasn’t horribly older, just about nine or ten.  Then the dream kind of switched scenes to the book room. In the book room was Josh with Emma. Emma was a teenager (ek!) and she was beautiful as well. She was wearing glasses and was holding a book and carrying on a pretty in depth theological discussion with Josh. Josh was smiling and seemed to be pleased with Emma’s interpretation on whatever theological concept she was speaking on.

So the dream carried on like that, just flashes of normal interaction of my family at church. It was so wonderful! I hope it is providential 🙂


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  1. Wow, what a beautiful dream! I've never had anything like that before.. mine are always completely random and usually bits and pieces from the day and nothing in the future. 🙂

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