It’s been a little bit. Things have happened with work and I’m currently looking a for a new job. Of course looking for a job is difficult for everyone right now. So I’m still at my old job. It’s not big deal if I don’t find a new one. However, I have been told I cannot have my girls at work anymore. This is understandable, but it sucks because I just dropped about $1800 on their homeschool materials for next year based on the fact that I could have them there. So, Emma will be going to public school next year much to my chagrin. I will probably still supplement with the home school material. Anyway, I have applications in Ohio AND Virginia!

In the light of all this I’ve been praying a lot, trying to figure out what all this means. And I’m sure that I need to figure out some kind of career. I need something so I can take care of myself. Even if I get married, I need something to fall back on just in case. For months now I’ve been thinking about doula training. After receiving encouragement from my boyfriend and a very close, like-minded friend I’ve decided to go ahead and pursue the training now. I’ll probably join DONA in the next week or so and get the ball rolling. Pregnancy is something I’m very passionate about so this is very exciting for me.


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  1. that sucks. i agree you need a back up career, but it would have been nice if they let you know this a long time ago =/ i wish you luck in a new job hunt, maybe you can do soemthing from home, medical billing maybe??

  2. *hugs* I'm sorry Hollie. I know that's a bummer about not being able to truly home school the girls. I understand you desire for a career. It's funny, I use to think I'd be a career woman. Now, more than anything, I'd like to be a SAHM..but I know I need my degree just in case. That's something my Mother instilled in me. I think you'd be an amazing doula!

  3. I'm so sorry that you can't have the girls at work anymore. I hope you get a new job where you can still make the homeschooling work as their primary mode of schooling.good luck on the doula training!

  4. I'm excited about your doula training, too! 🙂 I really hope it all goes well.Have you considered sending the homeschool materials back for a refund? Sonlight seems to be very understanding about situations like this.

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