Awesomeness in my mail box

Today I received two awesome letters in my mail box. I want to share them now.

1. This letter was from Emma’s school, in response to the letter I wrote to them about the Susan G. Komen foundation and their relationship with Planned Parenthood (the school was sending home papers asking families to donate to “Race For The Cure” and I wrote a letter in response to that.)

Dear Mrs. F (my legal name is still my married name),

Having just returned from a week in South Carolina, I was shocked to learn that the Susan G. Komen Foundation gives money to Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. I had no idea these organizations were linked in anyway. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to inform us of this. I called the Shepherd family (they were the ones asking for donations) and told them what we’ve learned. (Ana is a breast cancer survivor and was collecting money for the “Race for the Cure” Walk.) They couldn’t believe it either. Also, to notify all of our families, we will place the following in our next Friday note, going out April 8-9″

Susan G. Komen Foundation and “The Race for the Cure”:
Sadly, we’ve just learned that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has given grants to Planned Parenthood and various abortion clinics through out the country. This is disappointing as the Susan G. Komen funds help so many breast cancer patients and programs. However, as a Christian school, we support the right to life and therefore cannot now endorse this foundation and their “race for the cure.” We greatly apologize to you all.

I am so sorry and I deeply appreciate your letting us know about this. I, also, agree with you that there must be a better way to help breast cancer patients without promoting abortion. If you happen to know of a breast cancer organization that is pro-life, I would happy to pass that along to the Shepherd family and to others.

Again, thank you so much.


Mrs. Jones

2. Letter number two was from Amazima ministries (also http://kissesfromkatie/ I sponsored a child this year and I received his info. He’s three years old and his name is: Nanteza Peruth. This is the info the letter included:

House description: Mud, grass
Nearest Water Source: 4 km, pipe
Family’s Main Source of Income: Digging for food
Child’s Health: Malaria in April
Favorite Subject: Reading
Favorite past-time: Fetching water.

I feel so blessed by this letter. God has blessed me by giving this child a chance. This little boy is so sweet. They included a photo of him too. I’ll scan it eventually. Amazima ministries is unique because 100% of the money when you sponsor a child goes to that child. Katie is about my age and she’s the one that started this foundation. She is truly an amazing young woman and I encourage you all to check out her blog.


4 thoughts on “Awesomeness in my mail box

  1. I had no idea you could sponser a child through that ministry. I've been meaning to start doing that again but hadn't picked an organization – I think I may have to go with that.Good job on the letter ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I've been looking for a place that gives 100% of the sponsor money to the child, but I can never find the information on their websites, or the people I ask about it avoid answering the question. Which to me is very telling.I'm going to check out this Amazima Ministries and quite possibly sponsor a child. I've been wanting to do that as a memorial to Chaya, I've just had a difficult time finding a place I felt comfortable going through. Perhaps God has finally given me that place.

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