Spring! Oh, I love it. I’m really getting into sustainable living lately. We have a pretty thriving indoor garden going. This includes: green beans, peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach, parsley, some other herb that I can’t remember right now, another bean, and corn. Apartment living won’t stop me from gardening! 😛

 This is the corn and beans.
Green beans or peas … not sure which haha. I should have labeled these things.
A pea maybe? 
 Herbs, lettuce, carrots. 
So yep, that’s my garden. I ❤ it. 
Emma is still loving smoothies for breakfast. This week we are using arugula leaves in place on spinach leaves as I could not find organic spinach leaves in any stores! Craziness. This morning I made her a mango-banana-argula smoothie. She really loved it. 
 My Grandma is out of the hospital now and in a nursing home to have therapy. Praise God!! I am so thankful it was God’s will to answer our prayers for her. Thank you to all those who lifted the matter in prayer before the Lord 🙂
And to end a few pictures from yesterday : 
Oh, and yes I changed my layout again. I FINALLY found a three column layout that was super easy to use.  I shall be keeping it for many, many days 🙂

6 thoughts on “

  1. Well, I don't have ground to put it in outside. So I figured I'd just try it inside, why not lol. I will probably put it on my back patio once it gets warmer, but it'll still be in the planter.

  2. Love the layout :)I've been looking into growing some herbs and maybe a few veggies for myself in my apartment. I'm not sure I can really make the room for much though and I'm worried about what the cat might do to the plants, she likes to taste my plants haha.

  3. Sounds like it was easier to get Emma to eat the green smoothies than it was getting my boys to. They like vegetables just fine, they just had never drank green drinks before, so I had to convince them for about two hours before they'd actually drink it. And then they loved it! lolI'm glad to hear you Grandmother is doing better.

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