My Grandmother is doing better — prayer really is powerful! They did a CT and a MRI and found no sign of a stroke on her brain. Her PCP said that if she did have a stroke it would have been a brain stem stroke and that presents differently. The PCP thinks it is a Parkinson’s Crisis. So, Tuesday afternoon they started my Grandma’s Parkison’s meds via IV. The neurologist believes the Parkinson’s crisis was brought on by a build up of seroquel in her system. (She’s been on a low dosage of seroquel, 150 mg, for her auditory hallucinations for about three years. It doesn’t do away with them totally, but helps somewhat) So, it looks like she will be taken off sereoquel completely.

Yesterday, she was able to open her eyes and focus on my mom. She was also moved from ICU to PACU, which is great! She’s gaining back some of her motor controls, and my mom said she could make out her answering yes/no to a few questions yesterday evening.

I’m forever thankful that the Lord heard the prayers for my Grandma and it was His will to answer them. To God alone be the glory! Please pray that she continues to improve.  Thank you so much for the prayers!


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  1. Amen!! I am very glad to hear this! And you know why your blog wasn't updating?? I had the wrong one LOL blonde moment! Now I should be able to see your updates. 😉

  2. Praise God! That is wonderful. He is wonderful!I used to use this layout when I first came to blogger 🙂 Something about it that I really like. But I'm with what someone else said, every time I come here lately you have a new layout!

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