Yesterday, we went to the garden center and obtained a whole array of things to plant an indoor garden (that will eventually be a patio garden once the frosting stops). Then when we got home Rylee and I planted most of the seeds we bought. Emma saw the neighbor kids playing outside and decided she didn’t want to help — she wanted to play instead. So we planted, corn, beans, green beans, peas, lettuce, parsley, and carrots. I think that’s all. I read up more about this stuff, so I’m hoping to have better results than last time.

We’re really trying to embrace healthy eating at home. I watched Food Inc. the other night and I watched part of Earthlings about a year ago or more. Both have made lasting impressions. So, this healthy eating kick isn’t a new thing perse, I’m just putting a lot more effort into it. Emma loves her breakfast now. She has whole grain, homemade pancakes (sweetened with honey not sugar too! I made a double batch and froze them) along with a fruit smoothie. The fruit smoothie has – bananas, strawberries, water, and spinach leaves. At first she didn’t know the spinach leaves were in it. But, after she raved about how delicious it was she asked what was in it and I had to tell her. She was surprised, but didn’t care because she couldn’t taste them.

Getting Rylee to eat breakfast is much harder. She likes to sleep as long as possible. I’m thinking of getting her some kind of to-go cup so she can drink her smoothie in the car.

My boyfriend posted this in his blog yesterday, and I thought it was adorable:

Given my Scots-Irish heritage, I wonder if this means that Hollie and I will have a huge family!  Haha.  😉 

Aww. I love him!  I can’t wait to see him again … the distance thing is quite trying at times.


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  1. I think I'm gonna try this blogspot thing, since all of you losers left LJ.This is Erica, by the way. ;)I should try healthy eating (obviously, given my deliciousness) but I can't keep away from the grease.

  2. That smoothie sounds great! I'd love to do a healthy eating thing, but the troops would revolt. Actually, Seth is a good eater and at least tries whatever I put in front of him. But he's not the only one I'm cooking for. 🙂

  3. hahaha!! i love erica's comment. and i want a smoothie. you need to make it for me when i come. :pokay, you don't NEED to. but i'd like you to!! lol.

  4. Ugh, what I wouldn't give to be able to have a garden like that! I can't even do a window box one right now, at least that hangs outside.My jade plant is doing really well though (even with kitty nibbling at it) so I may try some herbs on that sill 🙂

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