Outside my window… darkness.

I am thinking… Rylee’s dream from last night. She woke up and said, “Mommy! There was a big rat at Mamaw’s house last night. It was chasing me and I was running so fast and yelling. ‘Someone help me!’ And then my legs got so tired so I stopped and took a break. And then Papaw shot the rat so it wouldn’t get me and sat down and took a break with me.” Haha. She has no idea it was a dream! LOL.

I am thankful for… not having a car payment anymore! So nice.

From the kitchen… nothing to report.

I am wearing… black satin night gown.

I am creating… a check list for an indoor garden (since my last one failed)

I am going… to work soon.

I am reading… The Discipline Book By Dr. & Martha Sears.

I am hoping… to sleep tonight.

I am hearing… The English Chamber Orchestra

Around the house… things are pretty much in order.

One of my favorite things… laughter of my girls.

A few plans for the rest of the week: just getting through each day. Library day is Wednesday!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…(add your picture here)

 That’s baby Emma, at about ten months! My how times flies (she’s seven now!!!) !


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  1. Such things one can dream! Your little one's way of sharing her dream was delightful. And Papaw gets to be the hero!I hope you get a good night's sleep. I can certainly relate to that desire.Have a blessed day.

  2. This would be considered a meme lol I like this one too! Ooh is the Discipline Book good? It doesn't show when you have updated on my blog,so that's why I haven't commented!

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