Toward the end of February Emma had a hearing/vision screening at school, and she failed the hearing screen twice in the right ear. So, the local health department was having a free clinic with an ENT and I scheduled an appointment there to look furhter into this. The RN scheduling me reassured me that I had nothing to worry about and it was more than likely just fluid in the ear (as it usually is with results like Emma’s).

So last Wednesday was her appointment. At the appointment they tested her hearing again and it showed the same results: significant hearing loss in the right ear. The ENT looked in her and said it was in perfect condition. This either means that a.) all three tests were a fluke or b.) there’s an issue with the bones behind her ear that will need surgery to correct.

So next I am supposed to schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a more detailed hearing test. But I am hesitant. If it weren’t for the screening I never would have known she had hearing issues. I kind of don’t see the point in running tests and possible surgery when this isn’t interfering with her day to day. 


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  1. Go with your instincts on this. Honestly I think I'd go ahead with the testing. Maybe she's learned to cope with it now, but you just never know about the future. I'll be praying as you make your decision.

  2. I'd probably go ahead with the testing for the same reason Melody mentioned – she could not complaina bout it since she doesn't know anything different and just learned to cope.

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