Sometimes, life gets overwhelming.
Sometimes, I have to stop and breath and recollect myself to stop from going crazy.
Sometimes, I want things to be about me, just for a second.
Sometimes, when I should feel most loved, I feel horribly lonely.
Sometimes, I get hung up on “what if …”
Sometimes, I feel I would be perfectly content to spend every weekend alone with a good book or a period movie.

Lately, I’m thankful to see beyond my “sometimes.”
Lately, I’m thankful that I’m getting over my habit of indulging my anxieties.
Lately, I’m thankful to find happiness and embrace it in the most harsh moments of my day.

Now, I’m so happy to shift my focus away from the here and now. To be able to look beyond the moment, beyond my heightened emotions … to gaze upon eternal kingdom and focus there as opposed to this terminable one.


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  1. What a lovely entry. It's a good reminder that we need to look ahead at Forever instead of focusing on the here-and-now. Sometimes I have a problem with that, especially on the days my health issues are causing bigger problems or my grief is hitting me hardest.

  2. sometimes you amaze me. sometimes you know just what to say.sometimes i realize just how blessed i am to have you in my life.lately i've realized that we are meant to be friends.lately i'm thankful for the happy and sad times together.lately i get more and more excited as each day gets brings us closer together. 🙂

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