Emma turned 7!

Emma’s 7th birthday was Saturday. It’s quite hard to believe she’s seven, but, alas, she is. One thing being a mother has for sure convinced me of, time is precious and very limited. Emma’s Dad, Matt, called me about midweek to inform me he wanted to throw the birthday party at his place. I agreed to this and looked forward to being a guest, not cooking, cleaning, etc.

Once at the party I realized the mom part of me has a hard time just being a guest. I wanted to take control, organize, all that jazz. I refrained though. Grandma Betsy, Matt’s mother, brought a delicious birthday cake and a super delicious salad. There was also cupcakes, crackers and Matt threw a Digorno in the oven. It was a pretty small pizza, but seemed to keep feeding everyone around … it was a miracle to me! (It reminded my of Jesus and fish and loaves ha).

The party was my first time at Matt’s new place. It’s really nice! I was surprised … he’s getting a fantastic deal on rent too. Anyway, I was glad to see that Emma’s “other” home was so nice.

The party went pretty well. The kids were all running around playing, and of course, Rylee managed to put a gash in her forehead. She handled it like a champ though — didn’t even cry. I washed her off and put a band-aid on and she was good to go. It was a bleeder though and bled through her band-aid pretty quickly.

This was right after it happened. 
And this was about thirty minutes later … you can see it was a bleeder.
The kids had fun though. Emma got a bunch of nice gifts. It was a great day. Amy, Ryan, and Brayden (my brother, his girlfriend, and her son) were even able to make it down, which was wonderful. It was so nice to see everyone. 
Brayden, Rylee, Emma eating cake! Mmmm. 
If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can check them out at: http://picasaweb.google.com/hollieann84/EmmaS7thBirthday#  Hopefully that will work. After the party we (everyone minus Emma) came back to my parents. My Dad’s friend/cousin Rod came over and everyone played pool and laughed all night. Good times indeed. 
From left: Rod, Ryan, Me, Dad. 
It was a great weekend. Hopefully a great week is to follow πŸ™‚

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