Photo Dump

Lunch time!

Rylee having quiet time.

Our garden is sprouting!

The cookies I made … from scratch. Go me! It’s the first time I’ve ever successfully made cookies.

My little hick … she’s even pushing her Wal-Mart cart around 😉


3 thoughts on “Photo Dump

  1. Oh I COMPLETELY understand. I feel the same way about my Bloop and OpenDiary. Which is the biggest part of the reason I blog so little at either place now. I'm slowly weaning myself away from them. lolFacebook, however, I may never be able to rid myself of. It's how I keep in touch with people I wouldn't otherwise be able to keep in touch with. But I DO understand it being in your best interest. Lori just left a status update worried about you because she didn't know you were deleting your Bloop and logged on to find it was deleted, and then she went to Facebook to find that IT was also deleted. She has a blog here, too. You can find it in my profile information I believe. You'll know it when you see it. 😉

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