It has been snowing so much here. I’ve missed about three days of work, total, due to weather. Ah! I’m so ready for Spring. I love being home with my girls all day, but I don’t like losing my vacation days to midwest winters.

We’ve started doing Rylee’s homeschooling. It’s basically just stories, but she loves it. Go Dog. Go! is her current favorite book. She asks to read it about 2323424 times a day. She also loves matching her bears with their “friends” in a matching game she has. The other thing is a mighty minds game. It’s very neat! She struggles with it, but I’m hoping with time she will understand it more.

Emma had her Valentine’s Day party last week. Friday was the only day she had school the whole week! She and I had a blast making her Valentine Box. Here’s the final result:

This past weekend was great! Saturday, I spent with my parents and Rylee (Emma was at her Grandma Betsy’s). We drove into Lancaster for the day and hit up Goodwill and The Olde Shoe Factory (antique shops). At Goodwill I got an awesome deal on a mixer. I had been wanting it for so long. I got it for $45, brand new! Here she is:

To end the day we had an excellent dinner at a local, family-owned, Italian place: Tiberios. So delish!

Oh and just as an aside: Yes, I deleted nearly all of my online locales (Facebook, Bloop, and Livejournal). No, this isn’t because I’m hiding or depressed or anything else. It was just the best decision for me. I was tired of seeing passive aggressive status messages and ugly debates among friends … Christian friends at that. I also just needed to re-prioritize my life and most internet based things didn’t make the cut. Anyone that doesn’t have my email and wants to remain in contact, here it is: All that being said I will probably come back to Facebook soon as it is my main form of communication with some dear family members (i.e. sharing photos of the girls and such). If/When I do come back I certainly won’t be as involved … or I will try not to be :-\


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  1. I understand about the online networking thing. I feel the need to simplify as well. I'm glad Rylee's enjoying school so far. It made me laugh about how many times she asks for that one book. Seth was like that at that age, too. I'd ask myself how many times I could read the same book and still stay sane. lol.

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