Last week I went to spend the week in the DC area. I was there to protest the American Holocaust(aka abortion) and to meet up with friends. It was a wonderful trip. During the course of the trip I fell in love with the following people/things:

Lauren Jones, Erica Higgins, Tina Pelletier, the Metro, white bbq sauce, Martha Washington …

and I fell even more in love with my Josh! 🙂 It was so fabulous to finally meet him in person. I am so incredibly blessed to call him mine!

I also tried sushi for the first time … it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. Eh.

Being at the March For Life was so moving. Reports say that over 300,000 attended. 300,000 people are saying yes to life. That’s amazing. Pro-lifers are always painted at the minority, but I’m not sure that’s realistic. During the March for Life on Washington people from all religions, races, backgrounds came together to support our right to live from the moment of conception until we breathe our last breath naturally.


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