5 Question Friday

Five Question Friday! I stole this from my from Tina, and I believe she copied it from someone else too. Anyway ..

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?
I’m not sure. I didn’t really get in trouble for it, but getting pregnant at seventeen was probably the most disappointing thing I did in my parents’ eyes.

I broke curfew quite a few times and got in lots of trouble for that.

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely night. I have tried many times to be a morning person and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just not in my make up! I hate early mornings. My bed never feels more comfortable than it does the second my alarm goes off at 5:45 AM!

3. Are you a one-handed or a two-handed texter?
Two. My hands are too small to reach clear across my phone like that lol.

4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent..or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is).
I’m registered as a Republican, but I did that back when I turned 18. Now, if I had to be anything I’d call myself a “libertarian with very conservative tendencies.” 😉

5. Are you a pet person?
I love animals. Sadly, we can’t have pets where we currently live. I’d love to own pygmy goats and a big dog though!


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