Today at work wasn’t so bad. I got a lot done but in the process discovered things that made even more work for myself. 😛 Oh well, better to realize it sooner than later!

Karen picked up Rylee from daycare so it was just Emma, Grandma and me this afternoon. After I made Grandma’s lunch I laid on the couch … I was sooo sleepy (as always). While I was laying there Emma read to me and then we snuggled up and watched Super Nanny. She says she likes that show because, “…it reminds me how not to act.” LOL. I am blessed with well-tempered children most days, praise God.

After that I took a bath while Emma worked on home work. Then I folded up laundry before getting Grandma’s dinner. At six Karen picked up Emma to visit with them for a while. She should be home by nine.

I’ve been incredibly lazy since then. I want to just fall asleep but I am waiting on her to get up.Now, I’m watching Bones and making a list of who we need to make cookies and crafts for, for Christmas.


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