My Vote Is …

So, I really have no idea who/what is going to be ballot in a few weeks. Silly me, I’ve waited until the last minute to research.

It appears there will be three statewide issues on the ballot this November. So, we will start with the issues.

Issue One:

Well, I will be voting no. I do feel slightly bad about voting against giving something to our vets … but seriously 2 Million more in debt? No way! And it’s just leaving more debt to my kiddos. And since we are so far in debt for stupid things, I’m going to have to vote no here. Hasn’t anyone ever told the government that the way to get out of debt is NOT by borrowing more money?

Issue Two:

Ok, it looks like “no” again here. I am all for safe animal conditions and all that jazz — I really am, but is that really a job for our state government? I’m thinking not. As some of the opposition to this issue have stated, there are plenty of other ways to do this that don’t include an amendment to our constitution. What about the Ohio Department of Agriculture what the heck are they doing? To me it’s really the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while to amend our constitution for the safety of livestock. *shakes head* They are cows people. Cows.

Issue Three:

This one I really don’t even have to read to know I will be voting against it. Gambling ruins families. It is an addiction, a bad one … we certainly don’t need to make it anymore prevalent than it already is. I know I know … people say things like “But the money goes to help schools!” But does it really? If you look at this same situation in other states you will see, NO it most certainly didn’t. I don’t have exact figures off the top of my head … but the amount that went into the schools was next to nothing … most of it was funneled into other things. Not to mention, I’m not in favor of government funded schools. And even if I was and even if the money did go to schools … schools getting their funding from gambling? Why not just give them money from legalizing prostitution?! It is wrong to capitalize on immoral things!

I’m still trying to figure out who all it running. Once I do, I’ll add those decisions in as well 🙂
Still can’t find any people running … I’m thinking maybe we don’t have any senate or house elections happening. So, it must be mostly local stuff … which I know I won’t find online.

I’m not sure about levies either. I know, the library has one that I will be voting for. I love the library. Our libraries here have suffered major cuts over the past years. The hours have been cut significantly, which is sad because so many kids were going there after school. They used to have a lot of great programs for families and kids. It’s much better to have the kids in the library as opposed to running the streets. I also used to be a librarian there, so it’s a close issue for me. I think libraries are so important. Reading and learning is something that isn’t pushed by a lot of families around here because it is a poverty stricken area. But kids CAN come to the library and be encouraged, read to, etc.


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